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Frequently Asked Questions:
What is solid surface?
Ans:   Solid surface is a man-made material usually composed of a combination of marble dust, bauxite, acrylic, epoxy or polyester resins and pigments. It is most frequently used for seamless countertop installations.
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Can I rest a hot pot on Meganite?
Ans:   It is not recommended. When excessive heat (300°) and pressure (weight) are applied to the surface you may get a 'blush' mark.
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Is it repairable?
Ans:   Solid surface is repairable.  Because the colour of your solid surface tops runs through it's full thickness, there is no color loss or change in texture of the design when it is repaired. Minor scratches can also be buffed out allowing solid surface to be "renewed" after many years of service.
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Will I be able to see the seams?
Ans:   Most deck seams (top of the countertop) can be nearly invisible, but the vertical butt joints on the build up (edge of the top) aren't always perfect. Some directional material with wavy patterns can show seams more. Ask your fabricator about how they reduce potential seams, especially on the edge.
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Sinks – undermount or integrate?
Ans:   The benefit of using an integrated solid surface sink is that it can become part of the countertop forming one seamless line straight into your sink, no spaces for crumbs or germs to hide. Undermount, typically stainless steel, sinks give a certain look to the kitchen and this may be more desirable to some homeowners.
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Ans:   Pricing is part material and part the time needed to fabricate (cut and seam) your specific countertop. This is normally calculated by your kitchen fabricator.
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Where to get it?
Ans:   Call us a 905-625-3746 to find a fabricator/dealer in your area.
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Is Solid Surface better than Granite?
Ans:   Solid Surface and Granite are two vastly different materials. Solid Surface is man made and in some ways better (stain protection, non-porous, nearly seamless, repairable) than Granite.  Granite on the other hand has a natural look to it, is harder than solid surface and has higher heat resistance (can be overcome with Solid Surface by adding heat pads into your countertop). Granite does stain and should be sealed regularily in order to keep up it appearance.
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